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Posted on November 21, 2019 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (2)
Q - Will you open the silo? A - Yes, like you I want to get inside the silo. The problem is that I can't see any return on investment for me to do it. I have set up a Patreon account that if goals are met I will open it from the long cableway and get as far down as we can go. After filming inside I will close it back up until such time as I can open it from the surface. Q - How much does a silo cost? A - Mine was under $300,000 and sits on 5 acres. The price for Titan II Sites can vary. Many of the owners who have them paid as little as $15,000 for 10 acres in the early 1990's. A site in Arizona went for $1,600,000 last year and it wasn't even fully done.