Atomic Underground

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Phase 1: Initial Access Portal Work and Site Security

In the 2010-2015 time frame the Access Portal was unearthed and rebuilt to the surface. Basic lighting was run throughout the Launch Control Center and a bulkhead dam was built at the end of the long cableway near the entrance to the silo. Several pumps were installed and a staircase was built. At some point around 2017 the pump in the Access Portal failed and the site began to slowly flood. The former owner who did not live on site asked another site owner to check on the site and he discovered the failure. The decision was made to let the site flood since no work was planned at that time.

Fast forward to 2019 -

When we purchased the site it was completely flooded to within 5 feet of the surface.

On May 14th, 2019 we dropped a new pump 40' down the elevator shaft and began the long process of removing water from the site.

By June 2019 the site was fully dewatered. We replaced the old corrugated roof on the access portal with a permanent roof that was sealed by a local roofing company. We began replacing the deteriorated floors in the Access Portal with 2x6 lumber. 

In August 2019 we replaced the entire electrical infrastructure on the site with permanent systems. We now have dedicated 200 Amp electrical service to all levels of the Access Portal and are ready for future expansion into the rest of the Launch Control Center as scrapping begins in 2020. LED Lighting was added on each level of the Access Portal with more planned for the future.

In December 2019 we completed the new floor decking in the Access Portal and continued pressure washing the Access Portal in preparation for eventual painting. Dehumidifiers were added on the top and bottom levels to ensure moisture would not effect our hard work on the stairs and floors.

Phase 2: Scrapping The Launch Control Center

The plan for 2020 is scrapping our the old rusting steel that we don't plan to use on the site. We have hired a professional scrapping company to handle this for us. Another company is coming in to remove the asbestos that we found.

To aid in the scrapping process we are building a gantry crane over the top of the Access Portal that will allow us to move heavy items in and out of the facility.

This project is taking a significant amount of financial resources so it is likely to take up most of the year.

Phase 3: Site Cleanup

After the scrapping is completed we will have lots of cleanup work to do. Every surface in the complex is dirty. Fortunately water is something we have plenty of. We will be pressure washing and sandblasting everything to get it clean and ready for a primer coat of paint. We will also be opening the Escape Shaft and fixing our leaking dam.

Before we do any living spaces inside the site we intend on having the site clean and stable for at least a year.

Phase 4: Infrastructure Improvements

As areas come out of Phase 3, we will begin running Electrical Infrastructure into them and adding permanent lighting. The goal is to have a well lit and ventilated facility that is ready to be converted into living spaces in Phase 5. This will also be when we put in bathroom plumbing on Level 1 and Level 3 of the Launch Control Center.

City Electrical power will be moved from the Access Portal to a secure location on Level 3 of the Launch Control Center. 

City Water and Sewer will also be moved to Level 3 of the Launch Control Center. We will be utilizing the original septic holding tank on Level 3 as a central point for our Sewage and Water Pumping. 

Incoming air on Level 2 of the Launch Control Center will go through an in line dehumidifier after the blast valve but before entering the facility. There is no plan for heating or cooling as the facility maintains a comfortably cool temperature year round.

Phase 5: Living Spaces

The Current Plan:

Launch Control Center, Level 1 - Master Bedroom and Full Bath

Launch Control Center, Level 2 - Office and Launch Control Desk 

Launch Control Center, Level 3 - Kitchen, Living Room, Powder Bath, Utility Spaces

Blast Lock Junction Room - No Plan Yet

Blast Lock - Armory (For Aesthetic Purposes Only), Orientation Center (TV's for tours), and Store

Decontamination Room - Bunk Room for approximately 20 Crew Members

Long Cableway - Survival Storage & Hydroponic Growing Areas

Access Portal - No Plan Yet

Phase 6: Global Pandemic "Prepper's Dream"

We aren't really preppers but if you own a Titan II why not? 

We want the ability to go completely off grid for at least 6 months for a crew of 20+ and be able to defend the site against anything smaller than a Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB). We have a plan for that, but NO we wont discuss it for various reasons.